A Chinese Prison

A Chinese Prison Just For Party Officials? With red flags and a giant national insignia behind them, hundreds of former government officials danced to and sung Red Songs at the Ninth Annual Conference for Improved Prisoners, as other party members watched in the audience. It could have been any other ceremonial Communist Party performance, except for one irregularity: all the men were inmates, donning prison uniforms. In Hunan Province, the Liufeng prison complex in Changsha is filled with hundreds of former party official including Li Dalun, who once served as Chenzhou Party Secretary, as well as Yang Zhida, the province’s former highways administration director. On October 10, a group of inmates from the Liufeng prison took part in Hunan’s Ninth Annual Conference for Improved Prisoners, singing songs, putting on plays, as well as auctioning off their own paintings and calligraphy to raise money for their prison charity fund. Overall, the conference honored 679 inmates in Hunan, including one who had patented an anti-theft technology while behind bars. (Caixin).

Imagine the effects on our lives if our own governments punished corruption in this way.

Consider this: Based on the ratio of incomes to outcomes–a handy evaluation tool–China is the least corrupt major society on earth. The USA, by that measure, is the most corrupt.  And the bulk of Americans and Chinese seem to agree, a fact generally overlooked by our media.  According to a recent World Values Survey96 percent of Chinese expressed confidence in their government, compared to only 37 percent of Americans. Likewise, 83.5 percent of Chinese thought their country is run for all the people, rather than for a few big interest groups, whereas only 36.7 percent of Americans thought the same of their country. Many surveys conducted by Pew, Edelman, UofM, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government recorded  similar results. Perhaps corruption in China is a waster of money, after all?

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