Wang Gongquan

Most governments are uncomfortable with activist citizens. Even activist senior officials risked their lives and careers under the Emperors.  The CCP is gradually permitting its introduction and so far, so good, as this story from Caixin Online makes clear:……By staff reporter Zhou Kaili 02.17.2011

Why does venture capitalist Wang Gongquan challenge authority by getting involved in sensitive rights issues?

Successful businessman Wang Gongquan is a serious advocate of citizen involvement. The Jilin Province native says every citizen should contribute to society’s progress, and he’s proud to do his part in ways great, small, often controversial and sometimes downright risky.
Small contributions include Wang’s poetry, which he composes and then posts as blog entries on the Internet, or shares with online fans through a microblog service.
Wang’s big picture contributions to society encompass achievements of a venture capital firm he started in 2005 and now heads, CDH Ventures. CDH has successfully invested in start-up companies that later went public on domestic or international capital markets. Wang learned the ropes of the business world first at a Hainan Province real estate company and later by founding the nationwide developer Vantone Group. read more at Caixin Online

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