ALL AWE. NO SHOCK China's Foreign Policy

ALL AWE. NO SHOCK China’s Foreign Policy

ALL AWE. NO SHOCK China’s Foreign Policy

Some wag suggested that all China has to do to win over the world is “study US foreign policy, then do the opposite”.

Arguably, China has implemented precisely that policy through its doctrine of non-interferencea and is going further. It is reverting to its millennia-old strategy for relating to us barbarians.

China’s Grand Strategy had been in place for a thousand years when, in the 13th. century, Marco Polo was astonished by the country’s advancement:

  1. Maintain a strong defense but no offense (too expensive)
  2. Administer the country from a moral, Confucian, point of view
  3. Create a genuine meritocracy in government promotion
  4. Eliminate corruption at the top and fight it at lower levels
  5. Amaze the world with China’s advancement and civilization
  6. Make foreigners rich then encourage them to leave
  7. Plan 10, 20, and 50 years ahead, and work the plan

Let’s look at the elements of this approach as they impinge upon us.

The pentagon’s ‘alarm’ at China’s developing defensive capability is routine. It is American doctrine that no country be permitted to develop the capability to defend itself from AMERICAN aggression. Russia transgressed this rule and was systematically undermined and ruined by the US and its allies (and, of course, by traditional Russian governmental incompetence).

But Western efforts to undermine and ruin China are, if anything, backfiring. Even the effectiveness of propaganda, “civil rights”, Tiananmen “massacre”, the West’s greatest strength–is gradually being undermined by events. And our own deterioration into blatant criminality like kidnapping, torture, and assassination have not helped our cause.

Meanwhile the Chinese have constructed, at minimal cost, the means to destroy us; means against which we have no credible defense. Mobile ICBMs, “carrier-killer” IRBMs like the DF21D, and invisible “black hole” submarines.

The introduction of each inexpensive Chinese weapon system commits us, through our own logic of dominance under the guidance of our corrupt military-industrial oligarchy, to spend ten times as much on counter-measures–further hastening our ruin. To make this concrete, the life-cycle cost of our new F-35 fighters alone will be 15 times China’s annual defense budget: an impressive ratio when we consider that the chances of the plane actually fighting a Chinese adversary is almost zero. And China is out only putative adversary.

And this is precisely the point: “force” the USA to bankrupt itself by steadily upgrading cheap weapons that, thanks to our own corruption, must be countered by less effective countermeasures costing hundreds of times as much.

China’s government senior officials are greatly admired. Despite the efforts of Western media to depict them as corrupt there are few signs of corruption in China: wages have been rising steadily for 35 years, hundreds of millions lifted out of poverty, 90% home ownership, low taxes, universal medical insurance, etc. Incoming president Xi is a famously honest man. Moral leadership is the easiest and least expensive kind, as Chinese students of governance have acknowledged for 2,000 years.


What do YOU think?

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