Are China's Ghost Cities Real? – In Praise of China

Are China’s Ghost Cities Real?

A Journey To China’s Largest Ghost City


Are China’s ‘ghost cities’ real or imaginary? Wade Shepard has done us all a favor by actually visiting the “ghost cities” that Western media love to scoff at. He’s made a significant discovery: ‘ghost cities’ don’t exist in China. (Perhaps our media was thinking of Detroit?). Here’s Wade…

“We discovered that the most populated country on earth is building houses, districts, and cities with no one in them,” began a report on 60 Minutes which aired on March 3rd. The news program’s timeless correspondent, Lesley Stahl, ventured out to the city of Zhengzhou accompanied by the Hong Kong based financial adviser, Gillem Tulloch, and got the low down on China’s ghost city phenomenon.

Finally, I thought, I will see a proper ghost city.

I’d been chasing reports of deserted cities around China since last December, and I had yet to find one. Over and over again I would read articles in the international media which claim that China is building cities that are never inhabited only to find something very different upon arrival. The New South China Mall had a lot of empty shops but it turned out to be a thriving entertainment center, Dantu showed that an initially stagnant new city can become populated and come alive, and I found that Xinyang’s new district, a place called a ghost city since 2010, wasn’t even close to being built yet. The 60 Minutes report served as portent that there are really ghost cities out here in China. Or so it appeared….” Read more…

You get the picture already, of course. China’s Ghost Cities are not Real or Imaginary: they’re a complete fiction, like most reporting on China.

What do YOU think?

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