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Banned From the Diplomat: Trolls

I've Been Banned From The Diplomat

The Diplomat serves a specific demographic: literate types with an interest in geopolitics. It's owned by Australian James Pach.  It takes a mainstream, U.S. State Department, point of view on world affairs and a productive team of writers capable of channeling the dreams and aspirations of the Secretary of State. It doesn't ban trolls. In fact, it seems to employ several. But it does ban points of view that stray from Foggy Bottom's.

To its credit The Diplomat hosts writers whose views do not accord with State's, but its heart is in promoting the West's agenda and its hands are clasped in those with similarly-minded institutions like the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington foreign policy stalwart. Through a partnership with CSIS's Pacific Forum Young Leaders Programme, The Diplomat claims to provide "insights and analysis from up-and-coming young professionals".[11] The Diplomat also maintains partnerships with RealClearWorldForeign Policy CentreInstitute for Defence Studies and AnalysesGlobal Radio News and East–West Center. You get the picture: The Diplomat and its fellow-travelers cover the political spectrum from A to B.

And that's about as much breadth The Diplomat allows in its comments section. But it does allow invective. Two or three professional insulters started addressing my comments like this:

  • Just wow ! The micron-depth intellectual reflection is astoundingly & authentically Chinese ! 
  • you were sloppy. You were wrong. You were parading a known un-truth !!! Go back to being a mendacious Chicom, please.
  • Keep on foaming ! I expect no less.
  • Even your masters are doing it, so you cannot help yourself being a fact-free "patriot".
  • Your logic is fatally flawed – Chinese style
  • Fallacies – Chinese style
  • I posed 3 Qs and got no reply – only hectoring & foaming in return !
  • What can he do anyway to earn his 50c when even Wu Shincun could not do so [produce a single map] – apart from fact-free foaming on behalf of the Great Kingdom of L I A R s ?
  • China is a nation of L I A R s.
  • No surprise to see fact-free hogwash from your lot, all 1.2B of them – foaming without one iota of datum
  • You don't belong on this forum if you had to ask that question. 
  • Hungry ? Needs the 50c again today ?
  • Once a liar, always a liar ! 1 + 1 = PRC

Here, by contrast, is the Troll's attack and the response that got me banned: 

Banned from The Diplomat TrollTroll: Freedom of the press? RSF, Reporters Without Borders, ranks China 5th last, and in just about every other index it ranks near the bottom. No amount of red herring and attempts to move the goal posts (trying to redefine authoritarianism anyone?) change that. You are wrong and merely trying to perpetuate a lie. Or are dangerously deluded. Now let's see what and red herrings or circular logic you try and pull out to try and deflect the argument.

IPOC: RSF, 'Reporters Without Borders', Secretary General Robert Menard confessed that RSF's budget was provided by "US organizations strictly linked with US foreign policy" (Thibodeau, La Presse), viz:
1. National Endowment for Democracy (NED), State Deparment and CIA funded.
2. Center for a Free Cuba (USAID and NED funded) $50,000 per year NED grant.
3. European Union (1.2m Euro) — currently contested in EU parliament
4. Rights & Democracy in 2004 supported Reporters Without Borders-Canada [1]
5. Grants from Open Society Foundation, Center for a Free Cuba, Fondation de France, National Endowment for Democracy.

RSF looks like a standard US Government astroturf operation to me. So let's look at a more trustworthy metric: citizens' own trust in their own media: 40 percent of American citizens find their media trustworthy. 80 percent of (smarter, better educated, more widely traveled) Chinese citizens trust theirs. That survey was done by Edelman, an American corporation. 

Banned because our Capitalist masters are so paranoid they pay people to remove information like that.

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