CHINA 2020: Everything You Know is Wrong

CHINA 2020: Everything You Know is Wrong is about China’s coming transformation, the kinder, gentler Cultural Revolution President Xi will announce at noon on June 1, 2021.

If you’re interested in China and enjoy seeing how much good government can do for its citizens when it’s run by honest, competent people, and if you think you might enjoy discovering that everything you’ve been told about China is just plain wrong, you’ll get a kick out of this.

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China 2020

China 2020



  1. The Year 2020The end of an era.
  2. The Sea GypsyI meet Fong, my Chinese mentor…
  3. Dream SequenceConfucius’ Dreams for China..
  4. Chain of Respect: Why  Hierarchy Works..
  5. Confounding Father: The Mao Zedong You Never Knew..
  6. China’s MandelaThe Man Who Came in From the Cold..
  7. Wages, Wealth & Inequality: You Have to Admit it’s Getting Better..
  8. Social Sincerity: Living Transparently With Social Credit..
  9. Education and Intelligence: Are The Chinese Smarter Than Us? 
  10. Intellectual PropertyWhy China Leads in Science and Technology..
  11. Half the Sky: The World’s Richest Women..
  12. Religion: Why China Rejects Religion…
  13. EnvironmentTurning Lemons Into Lemonade..
  14. Getting Proper MenWhat It Takes to Get to the Top..
  15. Life in the PartyWhat is the Party? What Does it Do?
  16. Data Driven Democracy: How Chinese Democracy Works..
  17. Capitalism 2.0: How Chinese Capitalism Works..
  18. Urbanization: Keeping Them Down on the Farm..
  19. Transform the Violently Bad: Crime and Punishment..
  20. Planned CorruptionWhy Corruption Didn’t Derail China..
  21. Human Rights: Could the Chinese Have More? 
  22. The Tiananmen Caper: The Kids Are OK..
  23. You Must Not Talk Nonsense!Propaganda, Theirs and Ours..
  24. Soft Power?: More Than You Think..
  25. Hard Power: Big, Scary..
  26. June 1, 2021: Xi Jinping’s New Era..
  27. Xiaokang Appendix: Government Checklists..
  28. IQ Appendix: Where 330,000 Super-Geniuses Come From..
  29. Tiananmen Sources: Historical Documents..
  30. Xi Jinping AppendixWhy His First Wife Dumped Him..
  31. Plans: Ever Seen a Five Year Plan? You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry!
  32. China’s Constitution: The Government Actually Honors It..
  33. Scientific Development: A Brilliant Explanation by a Genius
  34. From a China Traveler: A Billionaire’s Impression.
  35. Read, Watch and Listen: Books, Videos and Podcasts You’ll Enjoy..