China, Korea and USA

China, Korea and USA

China, Korea and USA – and Russia – are fighting over Korea's future

Why did the NRA, South Korea's military lack  training, an air force, and heavy equipment? Why had none had ever seen a tank?

Perhaps because the rightwing regime in Seoul didn't want to arm or train them? After all, the Seoul government was in the process of switching subservience from Japan's occupying army to America's occupying army.

Arming your own people during such a delicate maneuver – and thus giving ordinary Koreans a say in their country's independence – would have been suicidal. The Korean people wanted, and still want, reunification more desperately than China wants Taiwan back (and that's a LOT). 

The formal, public reunification process will begin on Presidents Xi and Putin's watch. South Korea smells the honeypot of the Russian gas line that will cut its energy costs in half, and the Chinese rail line that will cut Europe shipping time in half. Both will transit North Korea. 

China will grease reunification's skids with lashings of cash at world-beating rates – secured by that shiny new infrastructure and the boom in developing the North. (Chinese make money on everything they do! We blow it.)

Reunification terms are impossible to predict but I maintain that in a straight election with straight media coverage, the Independence Party would win, making Kim the first president of Free Korea. 

That's what would have happened in Vietnam, had we permitted it. We had a war there, too, for exactly the same reason. Now Vietnam is reunited. Soon Korea will be reunited, too, though our 35,000 troops are stationed on the border to prevent free elections.

It's got nothing to do with being Communist.  Koreans wouldn't mind Chinese-style Communism: it fits their Confucian culture better than Western Capitalism despite what our media tell us. Koreans will adopt any workable model as long as they can unite. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

Have you spent much time in Korea? Living in ordinary Koreans' homes? Talking about their history and Korea's place in the world?

What do YOU think?

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