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China Torture? Here’s what The Guardian says: “China still uses medieval torture methods against opponents”. – Amnesty. Report details alleged beatings and torture endured by those taken into police custody despite government pledges to reform

Chinese security agents continue to employ a medieval array of torture methods against government opponents, activists, lawyers and petitioners, including spiked rods, iron torture chairs and electric batons, a report claims.

The Amnesty International report, called No End in Sight: Torture and Forced Confessions in China, is based on interviews with nearly 40 Chinese human rights lawyers and contains chilling details of alleged beatings and torture sessions endured by those taken into police custody.Patrick Poon, the report’s author, said that despite government pledges to reform, Amnesty had documented recent cases of torture in virtually every corner of the country. “From Beijing to Hunan to Heilongjiang to Guangdong – there are cases of torture in many, many places. The problem is still very widespread in different provinces. It isn’t just concentrated in a certain area of China,” he said.

This seems unlikely for several reasons:

  1. Amnesty is a very aggressive neocon puppet (see its coverage of Venezuela for an excellent example of this).
  2. China has some of the best penal procedures in the world: it has the lowest level of incarceration and the lowest level of recidivism. That suggests that they’ve got their prisoner-handling procedures to a very disciplined level.
  3. Torture, though practiced by some of the most appallingly outrageous emperors in ancient times, has never been a Chinese instrument of state the way it has in the USA.
  4. Those ‘human rights’ lawyers upon whose testimony this report depends? When Western media hail anyone as a champion of ‘human rights’ it usually means that they’ve sold out their own country in exchange for favors. Again, look at the allegations against Venezuela. Or look at the ‘human rights’ praise heaped on Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo and artist Ai Weiwei.
  5. This suggests a highly repressive, brutal state where arresting officers routinely torture arrestees. Everybody hates the idea of living in such a state: it’s a police state. Well, the Chinese like living in their state, in China. They give their government much higher grades for things like managing the economy and telling the truth.

1. Zero evidence. 2. An accusation from a country that practices torture as official State policy.3. Zero motive.4. No urgency that would suggest torture. 5. Bad choice of victims. Nothing to gain and everything to lose by torturing people who are already notably outspoken and will certainly tell the world of their mistreatment.4. Zero history of torture as Chinese State policy for 2200 years. The reverse, in fact. Torturers have always been held up as morally hideous.The idea is that China NEEDS to torture its own people. Or a portion of them who are championing ‘human rights’Why would a state that’s getting so much popular support shoot itself in the foot by behaving so badly, especially when everyone knows that torture not only does not yield truth, it doesn’t even yield long-term compliance. In other words, it’s a lose-lose. When’s the last time you saw a Chinese design a lose-lose deal? Only we are capable of such staggering stupidity and cruelty.This article looks like a confection whipped up to tantalize the (Western) masses with the dream that perhaps, somewhere out there, there’s a regime more cruel and brutal than our own.

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