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Taiwan and China Are Reuniting. Now!

Lee Kuan Yew claims that unification is inevitable

Lee Kuan Yew at the release of his previous book, Sept. 16, 2013. (File photo/Xinhua)

Lee Kuan Yew at the release of his previous book, Sept. 16, 2013. (File photo/Xinhua)

In his latest book, One Man’s View of the World, Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew says that Taiwan’s unification with China is only a matter of time and that efforts to separate the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will only make the process more painful for the people of Taiwan. Unification has become a political taboo in Taiwan and as the former Singapore leader has been a friend to the country in the past, his frank remarks are difficult for many to accept. Moreover, the painful process of unification with China, as Lee describes it, is a reality the Taiwanese have already witnessed due to political disputes between pro-independence and pro-unification camps and the loss of its global competitiveness.

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China’s Scientific Development

The Scientific Development Concept in China

An Essay in Political Philosophy, by William Hooper.

The Scientific Development Concept, or Scientific Development Perspective, is the current official guiding socio-economic philosophy of the Communist Party Of China. It was ratified into the CPC’s constitution in October 2007 under the leadership of President Hu Jintao. Key ideas include:

  1. A post-ideological vision of technocratic scientific government driven by pragmatism, analysis, experimentation and empirical validation.
  2. De-politicised, low public profile, collective, expert decision making. Efficient corruption free policy.
  3. A coordinated and interventionist approach to policymaking as opposed to laissez-faire.
  4. Policy targeting wide social gains in utility, not just economic growth – eg also addressing inequality and environmental damage.
  5. Maintenance of broad popular support for government based primarily on performance not democratic participation.
  6. Active participation in government and transparency at the elite academic level.
  7. A more passive role for the masses including a much greater emphasis on paternal guidance compared to modern Western Democracy. Increasing press freedoms and policy making participation at the popular level as society develops.
  8. Compared to Western Democracy, a greater focus on China’a evolution, on contentment in the future rather than the present.

One recent author, writing about China, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, argues that it is more helpful to think in terms of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World than George Orwell’s 1984 – “Orwell emphasises the role of fear in keeping people in line, while Huxley pays more attention to how needs and desires are created, manipulated and satisfied”. Yet this statement sounds too cynical, this article will reveal the Scientific Development Concept to be a genuinely idealistic vision of paternalistic government.

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hong kong

Hong Kong and China: Another View

Here’s Another View of Hong Kong and China

by Philip Fang brother of Anson Chan 陈方安生的弟弟的文章. Date: Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Subject: Patriotism: Criterion In Selection Of Next Chief Executive Of Hong Kong

Mr. Wang Guangya, Head of the Hong Kong and Macau Liaison Office, has let it be known that in the selection of the next Chief Executive forHong Kong , the number one criterion would be patriotism and it is this issue I want to address.
First, a brief introduction of my background is in order. I was born
in Hong Kong of a family with a proud tradition of patriotism. My
Grandfather, General Fang Zhenwu was once the Commander-in-chief of the North-East Coalition Forces Against the Japanese, his
vice-Commander was General Ji Hongchang, also known as a great
patriot. The two men openly opposed Jiang Jieshi’’s non-resistance
policy thus making themselves his arch enemies. Both paid the ultimate price, their lives in the service of their country and people.
My Grandfather, like General Ji, commanded great esteem amongst the Chinese Communist Party, especially the older generation of battle-hardened communists who survived the Long March. We are listed as descendants of revolutionary martyrs.

我的母親方召麟是國畫大師和書法家,方召麟後印象學派的創始人。她是 50
My Mother, Dr Fang Zhaolin, was a Chinese Grand Master artist and calligraphist and founder of the post-modernist Fang Zhaolin School . She was a graduate of Hong Kong University in the 50s when she set a record by getting her BA degree in Chinese history in just under two years. Later she went to Oxford University to study the Songs of Chu. There she made the acquaintance of high-minded scholars like Dr Joseph Needem, Sinologist and later Dean of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and his wife, the celebrated Biochemist, Lu Guizhen, Dr David Hox, an authority on the immortal Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber, Dr Qian Zhongshu, scholar and writer, and later Dr Han Suying. 
They formed a life-long friendship with my mother and shared a common understanding of Chinese history and China ’s ancient culture and a deep respect for the creativity and self-reliant spirit of the Chinese people.
早在 60 年代到大陸去旅行還沒有成為時髦的時候,母親已經經常到中國去開畫展並與大陸的畫家交流。她親眼目睹了中國在困難時期老百姓所遭受的窮困艱苦和饑餓。我清晰地記得母親曾經與我們說過,中國老百姓在過去一百年的命運是充滿辛酸苦難的,只有當你親身經歷過他們的苦難,你才會明白作為一個中國人是什麼滋味。
Back in the 60s long before it became fashionable to travel to China , my Mother was making regular visits to the Mainland where she held exhibitions and exchanges with Mainland artists. She also saw the poverty, hardship and privations during the difficult years. My Mother used to say to us “The lot of the Chinese people for the past 100 years had been one of tears and sorrow, you don’t know what it is like to be a Chinese until you have tasted their sufferings!”
我的四叔方心讓教授對香港人來說不需要介紹 ,
80 年初期作出一個今後將效忠於自己的國家和人民的無悔決定。
My Uncle Professor Harry S.Y. Fang needs no introduction to Hong Kong. His name was a household word in Hong Kong in the 80s. He was the former United Nation appointed President of Rehabilitation International. His pioneering efforts in the cause of the physically handicapped around the world is on record. Little known however is the fact that sometime in the 80’s, he made an irrevocable decision to switch allegiance to his own country and people.
Long before China became the economic juggernaut it is today, he
became the first Orthopaedic Specialist to propose to the Chinese
leadership, at a time when China was still very poor and its limited resources stretched thin over a burgeoning population of over one billion, that the rehabilitation of the physically handicapped, left-out and all but forgotten minority of the population, is a cause worth striving for in the long-run, and they believed him and China Disabled Person’s Federation was established.
在今天的中國,人們都尊稱我四叔為中國殘疾人士 “ 康復之父 ” ,以此紀念他對國家和人民所做出的不朽貢獻。
Today my uncle is honored in China as the founding father of China rehab in memory of the everlasting contribution he made to his country and people.
我詳細地介紹了我們家庭的愛國背景,是為了讓大家對我愛國的熱忱情懷感同身受 : “ 愛國應該成為選舉下一任香港特首的第一標準。 ”
I made a detailed introduction of my family’s patriotic background in order to lend credence to the theme under discussion : “Patriotism should be the number one criterion in the selection of the next Chief Executive of Hong Kong”.
Patriotism presupposes loyalty and loyalty trust — the bricks and
mortar of all lasting human relations. Are Hong Kong people patriotic? The answer is an emphatic ‘No’.
一般來說香港的中國人既沒有民族意識 ,
Generally Hong Kong Chinese have no idea of their national identity and heritage and loath to identify themselves with their brethren on the Mainland. They would rather identify themselves with the Taiwanese Chinese, Singaporean Chinese, Australian Chinese and American Chinese. They think they are superior.
The mindset that fosters this superiority complex is no mystery because Hong Kong people worship money, power and celebrity. Hong Kong creates no true wealth. It indulges in the culture of money making money.
早在 80 年代,香港的工資爆漲,生產轉移內陸。其後,香港的經濟變為一個勞務供應經濟,而它有限的土地變成它的財富衍生源。
Back in the 80s, Hong Kong wages sky-rocketed and production moved inland. Hong Kong has since been reduced to a service-based economy. Its limited terrain became its new wealth generator.
今天香港 70% 以上的融資來自房地產和有關的活動,近乎瘋狂的土地和房地產投機活動使今天的香港成為全世界居住最昂貴的城市。這種社會兩極化使香港已經接近聯合國測量由於收入不平衡而引起的社會動盪指標的紅燈警告。
Today over 70% of Hong Kong ’s market capitalization comes from
real-estate and related activities. The near frenzied speculation of
land and real estate has made Hong Kong the most expensive place to live in the world today. This social polarization has moved Hong Kong dangerously close to the red light signal on the United Nation’s index measuring social upheaval in the wake of income disparity.
中央政府對特首在香港能夠控制大局有足夠的信心。通常 13 億的中國人的利益應該有絕對優先權 ,
但在香港來說卻是相反。中央政府設定香港行政特區,授予香港人“carte blanche ”
(無限額的信用卡)來管理港人自己的事情。此外香港不需要向中央政府納稅,而負責香港安全的解放軍也是由中央政府來支付費用 ,
香港的課稅水準在世界同等區域中處於低位元,而中國大陸在 2010 年福布斯 “ 納稅痛苦 ” 指數排行榜上卻高居第二位。
The Chief Executive must have the confidence of the Central Government that he can keep things under control in Hong Kong . Normally, the interest of the overwhelming majority of 1.3b Chinese should have absolutely priority, but in the case of Hong Kong the reverse is true. The Central Government has designated Hong Kong a SEZ and given Hong Kong people a carte blanche to run their own affairs. Hong Kong pays no taxes to the Central Government who also picks up the bill for the People’s Liberation Army which defends Hong Kong ’s security. Hong Kong ’s level of taxation is very low compared to other areas in the world of equal level of development. However, Mainland Chinese “Tax
Pain” ranks second in the world last year according to Fortunes Index for 2010.
Hong Kong and Macau citizens have been issued Special Passes which enable them to go in and out of China without restrictions and to stay for as long as they want. Their Mainland compatriots must be green with envy because they not only have to get visas for Hong Kong and Macau but have to wait in long queues for hours at the checkpoint.
最近中國副總理李克強在香港訪問期間帶來一喜訊,北京選擇香港作為今後中國人民幣海外交易的中心,香港將因此成為中國的蘇黎世和日內瓦 – 世界上獨一無二的金融中心。
Vice Premier Li Keqiang on his recent visit brought the good news that Beijing has picked Hong Kong to be China ’s future centre for overseas RMB trading. Hong Kong will be China ’s future Zurich and Geneva, both unique financial centres of the world.
根據聯合國的報告,去年香港在接受外國直接投資 (DFI)
方面居世界第三位,對香港這個彈丸之地來說這是難以置信的。所有香港及港人得到的這些好處都只因為一個原因 ― 中國。
According to the United Nations report, Hong Kong last year ranked third in the world as recipient of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), a mesmerizing performance considering the size of Hong Kong . All these good things have happened to Hong Kong and its people for one reason — China .
Hong Kong should ask itself this question, “My country has done so much for me, what have I done for her in return?” It’s time that the people of Hong Kong take to introspection and ask themselves have they lived up to the expectation of the Central Government?
The way things stand they have let the Central Government down badly! Hong Kong people have behaved like spoiled brats cosseted with gifts, perquisites and privileges. Instead of showing their gratitude and appreciation they have turned on their own country. They have gone to the other extreme!
以《爭鳴》為代表的一些抹黑的雜誌點名道姓的污蔑和攻擊中國領導人,這份自命為代表民意的雜誌,與街上的流氓結成一條戰線,由像 “ 與眾不同 ”
Take the mud-raking tabloid Zheng Ming( 争鸣 ) the self-styled people’s voice which vilify and attack Chinese leadership by names, and forms a united front with the flamboyant Leung Kwok hung(梁国雄, the highly paid Legislation Council Member who crashed peaceful rally and disrupted official meetings of the Legislation Council.
Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive was right in condemning his acts of hooliganism under the guise of free speech and assembly. It must be remembered that for millennium, the Emperor, the Son of Heaven, ruled from the capital and all bowed to his benevolence and absolute authority. Sedition or any pejorative mention of his name could bring public decapitation of three generations of the offender, and there  would not be a whisper of dissent across the land!
These days are gone forever, but this does not mean Hong Kong should go to the other extreme. Hong Kong today seems to be used to lawlessness and anarchy. No! The law must be upheld and the Authority must not go soft on people who took the law into their own hands!
香港政府與香港立法委員會通過二十三條迫在眉睫的時刻 , 以陳方安生,李柱銘,黎智英,陳日君主教為首的香港 “ 四人幫 ”
與余若薇領導的公民黨公開的向政府挑戰 ,
The open defiance of the “Gang of Four” Anson Chan, Martin Li, Jimmy Lai, Cardinal Joseph Zen and the Civic Party headed by Audry Yu, only points to the urgency for the government and the Legislative Council to push through Article 23 under which all these activities would fall as activities endangering state security i.e. Sedition. These people must be made to understand that they are Chinese citizens and subject to Chinese laws and sanctions. All people and countries should respect China ’s sovereignty over Hong Kong and refrain from interfering in China ’s internal affairs.
Hong Kong ’s Courts and Magistrates seem to have allowed themselves a lot of latitude in interpreting their mandate under the Basic Law. They seem to have memory lapse and forgotten that their first and foremost duty is to defend Hong Kong’s indigenous interest and should they falter the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing has the final say in the interpretation of the Basic Law.
Western precepts of democracy and human rights cannot be applied directly to a country the size of China which for millennium has evolved around Confucius Ethics. It is bound to lead to unintended consequences.
Lee Lacocca, the flamboyant CEO of the Chrysler Corporation who
singlehandedly brought his company from the brink of bankruptcy, and turned it into profitability again had this to say, “Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole simply won’t work—it don’t belong”. Western ideas and western ways to solve Chinese problems is a mismatch from the start.
今天中國的 GDP 僅次於美國,居世界第二位。在選擇國民經濟發展的模式和優先次序等重大問題上 ,
Today, China ’s GDP ranks only second to the US . In the selection of National Development Models and priority-setting, China has always maintained an aloofness from the West and has never accepted western tutelage, prodding and pressure.
泰然處之和自力更生一向是中國的品牌,在理財方面,央行一向採取謹慎保守的政策,使中國沒有被捲入 2008-2009 年的西方經濟大崩潰與大蕭條。
Equanimity and self-reliance had been China ’s hallmark. In money management, China Central Bank favored a conservative and cautious policy. This has enabled China to stay clear of the economic melt-down which hit the Western economies in 2008 – 2009.
最近美國和幾個歐元區的國家的評級從 AAA 下降到 AA,
更粉碎了美國的聯邦儲備局和華爾街在理財方面勝人一籌的神話。當前美國和歐元區國家正陷入主權債務的危機 ,
人人自危。根據國際貨幣基金組織最新的預測,西方經濟全部告急,但中國在未來的 10 年內將維持每年 8%-9% 的增長率。
The recent downgrading of the ratings of US and countries of Euro area from AAA to AA shattered the myth that the US Federal Reserves and Wall Street knew better when it came to how to manage money. Currently, the US and Euro countries are battling the sovereign debt crisis. It’s everyone for himself. According to the latest IMF forecast, the prospects are grim for the Western economies, whereas China’s economy will continue to grow at 7%-8% per annum for decades.
Premier Member )。
The next round of competition will be in the economy field and the Chinese people are ready and confident. China will be recognised as a Premier Member and make its presence felt!
(ON CHINA) 的書,並且一口氣在八個小時的旅途中把它讀完。基辛格博士的分析以及他在書中所透漏的他與毛澤東、周恩來、鄧小平等對話的全文紀錄,使我感到無比的震撼。
The timing of this article is both propitious and uncanny. Here in
Sydney on a visit I was suddenly hit by a kidney disorder forcing me to postpone my departure and seek treatment. On the way over from Hong Kong to Sydney I picked up a recent book at the airport by Dr. Kissinger ‘On China’, and read it in the 8-hour flight to Sydney . Dr Kissinger’s analysis and his revelation of his dialogue with Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping, which were recorded verbatim left me awe-struck!
My recovery requires long period of bed rest, and I used the time to re-read Dr. Kissinger’s book and took notes.
另外通過閱讀澳洲的華人報刊 ,
“ 那些破壞香港團結穩定莫名其妙的行徑,大家應予以口誅筆伐! ”
From reading the local Chinese newspaper, I learned of Mr. Wang
Guangya’s patriotic call to the people of Hong Kong and the recent admonition of former Premier Zhu Rongji, who said “We should condemn both in speech and writing those who undermine, on a quirk, Hong Kong’s unity and stability.” The former Premier called on the Hong Kong people to abide by the law, strengthen stability, built on success, maintain harmony and unity so as to better coordinate themselves with the Motherland’s ambitious plan for the future.
I was born and raised in Hong Kong and China is my motherland. The relationship with both is of my concern. I should make my own contribution to them and this article is my contribution.
最後是我對香港學生的一點忠告,香港高校學生無論在中文或英文方面都嚴重不足。大陸的學生早就過了他們的頭 , 我能這樣說因為我是語言方面的權威。
Finally, a word of advice to Hong Kong students. The level of both
Chinese and English among students in Hong Kong today is inadequate. Their Mainland peers have long since overtaken them. I can say this with authority because language is my specialty.
I come from an old-fashioned large Chinese family where my Grandmother who had bound feet was the Matriarch. From her I learned two things: how to respect authority and to know my place in the family hierarchy. Students’ place is in the classroom where they learn and listen to teachers’ lectures, not in the open ground to demonstrate or in the Dean’s Office to protest his decision to give the visiting Vice Premier Li Keqiang the seat of honour. I am all in favour of bringing back corporal punishment as a deterrence against recalcitrant and unrepentant students. The ancient adage “Spare the rod and spoil the
child” still holds.
我建議將基辛格的《論中國》 (ON CHINA)
I strongly propose that Dr. Kissinger’s book ‘On China’ be made
mandatory reading for university students of Hong Kong . Dr.
Kissinger’s prose is superb, and students should use a good
dictionary. Through this book they will gain an insight into their own country and its leaders that they don’t even know about it.
This article is based on my observation and analysis of the current
social situation in Hong Kong and my sentiments and affection for the
Motherland. I sincerely hope that the people of Hong Kong will take to
heart the overall interest of their country China and the Chinese
people and ponder on Hong Kong ’s own future.
Philip Fang

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china war on poverty

China’s New Land Tax

China is implementing a new tax, a land tax. That’s highly significant because it’s the world’s first  national scale implementation of the best tax, the fairest tax, the least bad tax. Once again, China is learning from out mistakes and re-writing the book; this time on how to tax fairly and sustainably.  Here’s a good article that explains China’s land tax and gives some links to great sources of information on land taxes for further reading:

China Shifts to Land Tax

By  (about the author)

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Xi Jinping democracy

Democracy, China, and Xi Jinping

Democracy, China, and Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping said “democracy is not a decoration” yesterday as he delivered a speech to the government’s political advisers on his approach to developing China’s consultative political institution.

Speaking at the 65th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Xi called for building a practical political system to embody “consultative democracy”, one that included all levels of society.

“Democracy is defined not only by people’s right to vote in an election but also the right to participate in political affairs on a daily basis,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying. “Democracy is not a decoration … it’s for solving people’s problems.”

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Democracy in China

Democracy in China

A new political science study that’s gone viral finds that majority-rule democracy exists only in theory in the United States — not so much in practice. The government caters to the affluent few and organized interest groups, the researchers find, while the average citizen’s influence on policy is “near zero.”

“[T]he preferences of economic elites,” conclude Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern’s Benjamin I. Page, who work with the nonprofit Scholars Strategy Network, “have far more independent impact upon policy change than the preferences of average citizens do.”

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Are China’s Ghost Cities Real?

A Journey To China’s Largest Ghost City


Are China’s ‘ghost cities’ real or imaginary? Wade Shepard has done us all a favor by actually visiting the “ghost cities” that Western media love to scoff at. He’s made a significant discovery: ‘ghost cities’ don’t exist in China. (Perhaps our media was thinking of Detroit?). Here’s Wade…

“We discovered that the most populated country on earth is building houses, districts, and cities with no one in them,” began a report on 60 Minutes which aired on March 3rd. The news program’s timeless correspondent, Lesley Stahl, ventured out to the city of Zhengzhou accompanied by the Hong Kong based financial adviser, Gillem Tulloch, and got the low down on China’s ghost city phenomenon.

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