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                ERA Solar with its in-house module production guarantees for a stable and reliable product with linear performance warranty. ERA Solar is using grade A cells to ensure quality at module assembly process.

                The modules adhere to the strictest international quality standards, backed by INMETRO, MCS, BABT, ROHS, CE, EN and TUV (IEC61215, IEC61730), SASO, SONCAP certifications. ERA Solar has achieved the registration with ISO9001 and is member of PV Cycle since 2012.

                For quality control ERA Solar puts modules through rigorous in-house tests in specially equipped laboratories to test in all different environmental conditions. Each module is checked via EL measurement to avoid output power loss and to guarantee best electronic performance.

                The performance guarantee is covered by a third party insurance.

                It is ERA Solar’s dedication to manufacture and modules of premium quality and delivering the best possible value for customers.

                ESPSA 180-210

                Monocrystalline solar module

                ESPSA 190-200 Black

                Monocrystalline solar module

                ESPMC 250-280

                Muticrystalline Solar Module

                ESPMC 300-330

                Muticrystalline Solar Module

                ESPSC 280-310

                Monocrystalline solar module

                ESPSC 280-300 Black

                Monocrystalline solar module

                ESPSC 340-370

                Monocrystalline solar module