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                A considerable number of worldwide installed plants with ERA modules on commercial and industrial rooftops and plants on open terrain deliver a maximum and stable energy output and guarantee highest return on investment.

                The high quality standard of ERA Solar modules guarantee for a reliable power output the entire life span of the plant.

                ERA modules with high conversion efficiency are the perfect solution where high performance is required. Excellent for surfaces of limited size such as house roofs. Installation costs can be reduced with increased yield.

                For solar parks and industrial application ERA Solar focusses on reliability and linear longtime performance for a maximum return on solar investment.

                Berlin (DE)
                ESPSA 180, 130kW
                Moteveglio (IT)
                ESPSA 195, 79kW
                Bologna (IT)
                ESPSA 195, 18kW
                Stiel (CZ)
                ESPSA 180, 18kW
                Modena (IT)
                ESPSA 195, 8kW
                ESPSA 180, 6kW

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