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China’s Scientific Development

The Scientific Development Concept in China

An Essay in Political Philosophy, by William Hooper.

The Scientific Development Concept, or Scientific Development Perspective, is the current official guiding socio-economic philosophy of the Communist Party Of China. It was ratified into the CPC’s constitution in October 2007 under the leadership of President Hu Jintao. Key ideas include:

  1. A post-ideological vision of technocratic scientific government driven by pragmatism, analysis, experimentation and empirical validation.
  2. De-politicised, low public profile, collective, expert decision making. Efficient corruption free policy.
  3. A coordinated and interventionist approach to policymaking as opposed to laissez-faire.
  4. Policy targeting wide social gains in utility, not just economic growth – eg also addressing inequality and environmental damage.
  5. Maintenance of broad popular support for government based primarily on performance not democratic participation.
  6. Active participation in government and transparency at the elite academic level.
  7. A more passive role for the masses including a much greater emphasis on paternal guidance compared to modern Western Democracy. Increasing press freedoms and policy making participation at the popular level as society develops.
  8. Compared to Western Democracy, a greater focus on China’a evolution, on contentment in the future rather than the present.

One recent author, writing about China, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, argues that it is more helpful to think in terms of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World than George Orwell’s 1984 – “Orwell emphasises the role of fear in keeping people in line, while Huxley pays more attention to how needs and desires are created, manipulated and satisfied”. Yet this statement sounds too cynical, this article will reveal the Scientific Development Concept to be a genuinely idealistic vision of paternalistic government.

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More Nuclear Power for China

More Nuclear Power for China

CHINA is preparing to increase the role of nuclear power in its energy mix, while the surge in new coal-fired plants is set to slow from 2011……

Fu Manchang, the secretary-general of the Chinese Nuclear Society, said: “We have the ability to raise our nuclear power capacity to at least 60 or 70 gigawatts.”  [The Australian]  More…

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