Hangzhou, Obama, G20, End of Empire

Do Hangzhou, Obama, the G20 Mean the End of Empire?

The Hangzhou G20 agenda, if realized, will change the balance of world power: the dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency and the global economy will be coordinated and reinvigorated under Chinese guidance. That such things are being publicly discussed is extraordinary and reflects China’s growing influence on world events. Needless to say, there are forces within the United States who view this possibility with horror and have the means to obstruct, delay or derail it. It would be naive to expect them to allow it without putting up a stiff fight.

I was through Hangzhou airport in April and, even then, preparations for the G20 were obvious: there was a dedicated immigration lane, marked with and LED sign, ‘G20 SHERPAS’. Students in Hangzhou complained that their dorms were being shut down and they were told to leave town for the duration. The residents of Hangzhou were given a week’s paid vacation and told to go see China!! Hotels below 5-star rating were forbidden to register guests from terrorist-producing countries, and lots of the thousands of track-suited ‘volunteers’ who arrived to serve the event are compactly built and move with the grace and confidence of people who’ve spent a lot of time on the martial arts. Hangzhou is tighter than Beijing during the Olympics – and Olympics are always a target for CIA mischief, as we saw in Sochi..

Then Obama arrived. The key foreign player in the G20, with the power to assent to, or block, the entire agenda. Given that his term ends in a few months, he has a free hand to bless the agenda without political consequences. He is, in other words, a man to be courted, honored and celebrated.

Instead, he was treated like shit. Not even given stairs to debark the plane, he had to use his plane’s own gangway and his staff were sequestered, barked at and pushed around when they attempted to join him. When questioned about his mistreatment, he waved it away without complaint. More significantly, since his arrival he has looked like a man going to his own execution.  Why?

My guess is that the CIA – the world’s richest, most dickish, violent and independent agency of foreign mischief – is unhappy with the notion of handing power to China without a fight and had mounted one of their elaborate plots to derail the G20 and to bring disgrace to, and cast blame upon, China (Tiananmen was a CIA operation for this purpose).  Chinese security, possibly with Russian signals assistance, discovered this and have turned the situation to their advantage. They’ve gathered massive evidence and presented it to Obama in Washington, threatening to release the entire dossier unless he followed instructions. After Snowden and Assange, American credibility would be destroyed. That’s why he looks like a dead man walking. Here’s an interview with Jeff J. Brown in China: : http://chinarising.puntopress.com/2016/09/04/chinas-g-20-summit-will-decide-humanitys-fate-godfree-roberts-on-china-rising-radio-sinoland-160904/

Written by Godfree
Visiting China and studying it since 1967. Interested in its culture, politics, education and economy.