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Is China Authoritarian?

Exocet  To Godfree Roberts • 4 hours ago
Once again you try and deflect with a red herring

However you choose to define authoritarianism. China is far more authoritarian than the U.S. No one of any sanity or intelligence would argue otherwise. Any dictionary on the definition will demonstrate this. Of course you will try as in past posts to make roundabout and logic defying excuses to say that America is authoritarian and China is not.

mao authoritarian  cultural revolution

mao authoritarian cultural revolution

No on all counts you are wrong completely and found to be so. On the Taiping rebellion, wrong and completely so, on the current strains in the PRC's economy, wrong and completely so, on the fact that you ignore the fact that authoritarian regimes frequently have high approval ratings you once again are wrong.

And no matter how many times you have demonstrably been found to be wrong, you once again re spew those some point over and over again. It is although you embrace ignorance because doing otherwise would compromise your ideology. The very walking talking manifestation of cognitive dissonance. That or you a merely a paid propagandist.


Wikipedia: Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms.

Are your trying to tell me that American government is NOT characterized by strong central power? A government that meets on Tuesday mornings to draw up the week's assassination list; that has recently invaded 5 countries without so much as a vote; that shoots dead 1,000 people unarmed citizens a year and incarcerates millions…is not strong?

Or are you trying to tell me that Americans have unlimited political freedoms? Would you agree that we have more than the Chinese? Not necessarily. Political scientists have proven that our votes are fake and change nothing.  See "Testing Theories of American Politics," by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page in Perspectives on Politics, The American Political Science Association September 2014. And Jimmy Carter has reminded us that the US “has no functioning democracy” – July 28.

This is not pretend. We REALLY aren't a democracy any more. Most of us don't even bother to vote. So what political freedoms do we really have? To participate in – and shoot our mouths off about – fake candidates in fake elections? I prefer professional wrestling.

Trying to describe China's system in our terms is silly. They've got financial democracy, for example. That why they own the banks, take 3-week vacations and double their wages every ten years. And their opinions influence their government FAR more than our ours affect the USG. Look how closely they track and support their government policies: over 80 percent. Us? 8 percent. That's really true. We are in a real pickle. We're unhappy with our government and can't seem to influence it.

And freedom of speech? My personal experiences with our media suggest that it's very tightly censored – Sanitized for our protection, you could say. Why even august and high-minded publications like The Diplomat and Foreign Affairs regularly censor political content – and just as regularly deny it. We sense that this grooming is going on all the time and that's why so few of us trust our media.  The Chinese trust theirs twice as much. Why? Enquiring minds want to know.

What do YOU think?

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