Is China communist?

Is China Communist?

As Lenin stated, “State capitalism, which is one of the principal aspects of the New EconomicChina Flag Policy, is, under Soviet power, a form of capitalism that is deliberately permitted and restricted by the working class. Our state capitalism differs essentially from the state capitalism in countries that have bourgeois governments in that the state with us is represented not by the bourgeoisie, but by the proletariat, who has succeeded in winning the full confidence of the peasantry. Unfortunately, the introduction of state capitalism with us is not proceeding as quickly as we would like it. For example, so far we have not had a single important concession, and without foreign capital to help develop our economy, the latter’s quick rehabilitation is inconceivable.” Sounds a lot like the China of today to me, and China was coming from a far lower state of economic development than Russia.

But you say, the CCP is not a proletarian Party it is a bureaucratic Party controlled by a new bourgeoisie. Hogwash. It is an alliance of the proletariat, the new peasantry, the national bourgeoisie, and the new intelligentsia and new middle class. The key is that Marxist-Leninist ideology is in command directing the development of the economy and society as a whole. There is a lot going on behind the scenes but, if you can read and understand Chinese it is all readily available and there are many sources that discuss all these issue from the left, right and center. There are leftist neo-Maoists, centrist communists, and rightist neo-liberals all with very different perspectives and prescriptions for China’s development. 

There is intense class struggle in the CCP. And intense class struggle in Chinese society as a whole. This is a very good thing and shows the dynamism and vibrancy of China. There are classes and class struggles in China. That is how it should and must be for history to move forward. There has been no-counter revolution. The Revolution is unfolding on a daily basis. For those who can not see or understand this I say you are a phoney Marxist, a book worshiping Marxist who doesn’t know the first thing about understanding the organic and dynamic process of social and economic formation”

What do YOU think?

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