Self-Immolation Epidemic!

Self-Immolation Epidemic!

Self-Immolation in China!

Here’s an interesting YouTube video about Tibetan self-immolation in China.

And a quote from Hidden Harmonies’ comment section, “In fact, the largest number of self-immolations in the world have occurred in India, but when was the last time you heard that in the press?

In fact, you will observe that even in Tibet, the immolators are not sane-thinking men – they are either monks, nuns, or ex-monks (and yes – I do not count these people as sane, primarily because they follow a corrupted form of Buddhism that is closer to other religions than to actual Buddhism) or teenagers. No adult, rational, human being, has burned himself.

Observing that there are a few Tibetans who are extremely religious and want “independence”, the CCP realized that they need to develop this region as much as other regions in China. They thought that it’s their job to govern, and so they did. The government has given Tibetans a higher average standard of living than one would normally expect in the highest region in the world. They enjoy good transport (as much as can be expected from a mountainous region), increasingly high per capita incomes and infrastructure, and an education system that is better than Tier II cities in India. By 2020, it is expected that Tibetan standards of living will be upto national standards. What a horrible policy.


The plain fact is, the so-called aspirations for Tibetans to have a separate country is no different than the aspirations of Kashmiris, Kurds, Hawaiians, Irish, or of any of the other thousands of separatist movements in the world. But it just receives larger media attention and hence seems “legitimate”.

The real culprit here is not the Dalai Lama, not the CIA, not the media, but religion. Religion has corrupted people’s minds to such an extent that they are willing to do something that the Buddha himself specifically warned against – blind hero worship of one person. They erect statues of the person who was himself against statue worship! Heck, they worship the person who was against worship itself!!

And this is what really is saddening – the claim that the CCP is trying to suppress Buddhist culture – as if somehow the right to keep a photo of the Dalai Lama in your house is more important than having a good school nearby for your kids. The Dalai Lama wants Tibet to go back to the stone age – build monasteries at the expense of schools, erect statues of the Buddha (preferably in Gold) at the expense of roads, and teach children “Buddhism” at the expense of Mathematics and Logic – and then create a society so religious that it leaves the road open to further centuries of serfdom.


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On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 8:07 AM, r v wrote:

This guy is full of it:

“The world is paying attention, but not enough,” Mr. Sangay added. “There was a self-immolation in Tunisiawhich was labeled the catalyst for the Arab Spring. We’ve been committed to nonviolence for many decades. And how come we have been given less support than what we witnessed in the Arab world?”

As I have explained before, and Mr. Sangay still don’t wake up to, YES, your TGIE has been at it for MANY decades, without any self-immolations, BUT with early YEARS of ACTUAL violence against others, paid for by CIA.

It’s kinda of disingenuous for your TGIE group to pick up symbolic popular gestures from others this late in the game, and expect others to actually praise you for encouraging people to commit suicide (or for actually holding a half-assed democratic election for non-religious leader after more than 50 years in exile).

The TGIE self-immolation is looking much like TGIE community in India, a tourist trap of a theme park, full of cheesy souvenirs for “cultural” symbols.

The headlines below suggest that India, France, Greece, and Israel are experiencing an epidemic of self-immolations. Our media makes little mention of them, for some reason..


Self-immolations in India 
A particularly high wave of self-immolations was recorded in 1990 protesting the Reservation in India.[1] As many as 1,451 self-immolations in 2000 and 1,584 in 2001 were reported in India.[2]
In 2012 scores of Indians set themselves on fire demanding that a new state, Telangana, be formed within India.[3][4][5] Telangana groups claim that over 800 people, mostly students, committed suicide for the cause of Telangana between 2010 and 26 March 2012.[6] On the same day that two Indians self-immolated for Telangana’s cause, a Tibetan man set himself on fire during Chinese president Hu Jintao‘s visit to India.[3] (Wikipedia). Read More

Anders Breivik trial: man sets himself on fire outside court (Guardian)

Man in hospital with serious injuries after setting himself ablaze outside Oslo courthouse. READ MORE…
Teacher Dies After Setting Herself on Fire (BBC)
A maths teacher has died after setting herself on fire in the playground of her school.  Students and teachers rushed to help the woman, 44, after she doused herself with petrol and set herself alight in the schoolyard of her school.  Traumatized students were being treated by psychologists after the incident.  She was airlifted to hospital but died of her burns. READ MORE…
Boy Sets Himself on Fire (Hufington Post)
A teenage boy has set himself on fire at his school, officials say.
 Rescuers told AFP news agency that the boy doused himself in a flammable liquid in the toilets of his private school in the southern city, before setting himself alight. The boy has been rushed to hospital, and officials described his condition as serious.  He was no doubt protesting the lack of freedom and independence in Marseilles, France, which is oppressed by….wait.  France?  This must be Chinese propaganda.  Only Tibetans set themselves on fire…READ MORE….
Israel’s man on fire is symbol of economic injustice 
A 57-year-old Israeli man was in a critical condition yesterday after setting fire to himself during a demonstration by more than 8,000 people marking the anniversary of last summer’s widespread protests in support of social and economic justice. Moshe Silman, a former small businessman who has since fallen on dire financial circumstances, was said to have second- and third-degree burns on more than 90 per cent of his body after dousing his clothes with petrol and starting to immolate himself. READ MORE..
A 70-year-old woman set herself on fire in Israel (Haaretz)
making her at least the fourth Israeli to self-immolate since last month, and three Tibetans set themselves on fire in China’s Sichuan and Gansu provinces to protest Chinese rule. July 2012: READ MORE…
Israel: Self-immolation sends shock through protests (Global Post)
On the very same day — a day after Silman’s funeral — two others attempted to set themselves alight.
The afternoon before, Akiva Mafa’i, a 45-year-old wounded war veteran had set himself on fire at a bus stop in his hometown of Yehud. He remains in critical condition. READ MORE…

Greece: Man In Debt Sets Himself On Fire

THESSALONIKI, Greece — Greek authorities say a 55-year-old man has been hospitalized with chest burns after dousing himself with gasoline and then setting his clothes on fire. The man shouted that he was in debt as he carried out the act.Read More…

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