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A Brief History of the Sino-Indian Border Dispute and the role of Tibet.



Tibetan society became Buddhist after the Chinese Princess Wencheng (and, though there is no evidence for it, the Nepali Princess, Bhrikuti Devi who is credited with founding the Jokhang Temple – the oldest Buddhist temple in Tibet) introduced Buddhism to the Tibetan elite. The Princess and her entourage, which numbered about 500 people, intermarried with the local elite and from the Princess established the Songsten Gampo blood line, which survives to this day.

Until 1959, most Tibetans were indentured serfs (chapa) or slaves (langsheng) who were bought and sold. Tibet was the last country to officially abandon slavery, and then only because it was forced to do so by the Chinese Government.
Most of our information about Tibet comes from expatriate slave-owners and nobles who refused to free their slaves and left Tibet in 1959. The US Civil War demonstrates the powerful attraction that slavery holds for the owners.

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Dalai Lama: Follow the Money

Behind Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak

Good intentions, questionable outcomes. If you want to know about the Dalai Lama, follow the money…

Melbourne Age. Michael Backman. May 23, 2007. Photo: AFP

Good intentions, questionable outcomes.The Dalai Lama has been an American agent for decades. Michael Blackman investigated his finances for the Melbourne Age newspaper:

Rarely do journalists challenge the Dalai Lama.

Partly it is because he is so charming and engaging. Most published accounts of him breeze on as airily as the subject, for whom a good giggle and a quaint parable are substitutes for hard answers. But this is the man who advocates greater autonomy for millions of people who are currently Chinese citizens, presumably with him as head of their government. So, why not hold him accountable as a political figure?

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