The Opium Trade Revisited: Drugging a Nation

The Opium Trade Revisited: Drugging a Nation

Drugging a Nation: The Story of China and the Opium Curse by Samuel Merwin

DruggingImagine, for whatever reason, China is selling heroin in England openly on the streets. When the English protest this, Chinese shoot and kill them. When an English resistance builds up, the Chinese army comes in and declares war on England for their ‘interference with commerce’.

Ok, then China tells England “We claim the Isle of Wight as Chinese … also please pay for the damages you caused to us” and continue to sell heroin in England while collecting their due. The heroin money flowing from England goes through the Isle of Wight (where the Chinese have put their banks). Chinese now live there and heroin is forbidden.

Eventually the English people take their pride into their hands and put up a fight, they rebel against the Chinese authority. Imagine now a Chinese army winding through the countryside, raping and mutilating women along the way to London, UK. Imagine illiterate Chinese peasants with guns running through Buckingham Palace, stuffing their rucksacks with all the jewels and gold they can put their hands on, enough to fill train cars with. Imagine Buckingham Palace as a smoldering pile of ashes. Imagine now the Chinese write of this and say “what a marvelous adventure it was!” and they make movies about their brave soldiers gunning down savage British civilians.

Now 100 years later, how do you think England will be? And then somebody ponders “You know, the Isle of Wight is such a nice place compared to England, the Chinese sure did a lot of good there.”

Is this a nightmarish scenario? No, it’s history as it actually happened. 

That is what Britain did to China in the last 150 years.
There’s a wonderful new (actually old) eyewitness account of The Opium War that was waged on China by Britain and Americans.

It’s called Drugging A Nation: The Story of China and the Opium Curse by Samuel Merwin. It’s a free ebook and is available here from Project Gutenberg.

“Though not making use of it one’s self, to venture on the manufacture and sale of it (opium) and with it to seduce the simple folk of this land is to seek one’s own livelihood by the exposure of others to death. Such acts are bitterly abhorrent to the nature of man and are utterly opposed to the ways of heaven. We would now then concert with your ‘Hon. Sovereignty’ means to bring a perpetual end to this opium traffic so hurtful to mankind, we in this land forbidding the use of it and you in the nations under your dominion forbidding its”

Excerpt From: Merwin, Samuel. “Drugging a Nation / The Story of China and the Opium Curse.” iBooks.
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Read it and weep.

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