Xi Jinping’s New China: 3 Videos

Xi Jinping’s New China: 3 Videos that will blow your mind…

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

What Xi Jinping is doing to prepare China for its big transition in 2020

Part 1: What does it really mean to be the “people’s” republic in the 21st century? through the lens of everyday Chinese from ambitious kiwi-growing farmers to a taxi driver in bustling Beijing; young girls with a passion for football and big dreams to a small-town shop-keeper whose life has been transformed by technology. It also investigated how Xi Dada early experiences may have shaped his vision for a ‘Chinese dream’ and driven him to very publicly commit to ending poverty for the 50 million Chinese still living below the United Nations poverty line.

Part 2: China has challenges in the areas of economy, environment and corruption. Within the economic sphere, China’s rapid investment in developing new technology like AI-powered autonomous drones and a ground-breaking electric sky train is helping it to diversify and remake its economy while many young Chinese are now spear-heading projects to clean up the environment, resulting in a new respect for the rule of law。 Thanks to Xi Dada’s push for a “system upgrade” across every sector of China,China has amazed the world.

Part 3: On the World’s Stage: how the influence of a new China is changing communities and lives far beyond its borders in cities like Nairobi and Venice as well as delve deeper into President Xi’s vision for a global ‘community of common destiny’. With stories from Cambodia, Indonesia and the U.S., as China takes its place as a leading player on the world stage, we interrogate Xi Dada’s vision for a global “community of common destiny” – an inspiring vision for a new world order, or a cloak for China’s global ambitions?

Written by Godfree
Visiting China and studying it since 1967. Interested in its culture, politics, education and economy.